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GRUNDOBORE200S (Manhole)

GRUNDOBORE200S is an auger boring system for the steered and non-steered installation gradient pipes especially for sewer house connections. The unit can be launched out of the smallest of pits and manholes of 1 m diameter as the pressing frame and the bore-thrust unit can be installed can be installed separately.

  • Easy mounting by dismantling the system components
  • Highprecision installation 
  • Simple, time-saving machine alignment
  • Equipment: rig, core borer, steering bore head, winged bore head for upsizing, re-usable retrievable pipes, augers
  • Walk-over detection system
GRUNDOBORE200S for launch out of manholes or small pits.

Typical application

Trenchless installation of a new sewer house connection or where the residential street had just been renewed.

  • Bore length 18 m, gradient 5%
  • Launch out of a sewer at approx. 3 m depth
  • Target pit at the house in approx. 2,30 m depth
  • New pipe PP HM 170 x 12 mm, 450 mm long

Working steps

  1.  Core bore out of a manhole 250 mm diameter
  2. Pilot bore 82.5 mm diameter using the steering bore head
  3. Upsizing using the winged bore head, soil excavation using the auger through the retrievable pipes
  4. Pulling in of the pipe

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