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COBRA Fibreglass Rodding System


Starting Heads:

To assist with COBRA guidance.
Swivel Couplings:
For torsion less pulling of pipes and cables.
Auto Couplings:
For the automatic coupling of two rods.
Cleaning Brushes:
For cleaning clogged and dirty pipes.
Cable Socks:
For pulling in cables from 15mm to 130mm in diameter.
COBRA is a fibreglass rodding system for cable installation through pipe ducts and conduits and can also be used for pipe cleaning applications. The fibreglass snake is rolled into a portable cage, which stores an enormous tensile energy and when released provides a forward thrust. COBRA winds itself like a snake through conduits or pipe ducts, guided by only one person.

Cables are installed easily or for pipe cleaning applications pipes are cleaned with a brush. The high density Polyethylene covered fibreglass snake is extremely strong yet remains highly flexible. The snake does not break or buckle and always returns to its relaxed position without any subsequent damage, sign of fatigue or loss of energy.

The COBRA fibre glass rodding system is easily manoeuvred on pneumatic tyres and is positioned in front of the pipe duct or conduit and when it is set free, it powers itself out, following bends and even clearing obstacles without any additional propulsion. At the exit point the pipe or cable pulling rope or the cable itself is attached and then the COBRA is rewound into the cage. COBRA is constructed with a robust welded steel frame which is galvanised for long life and onsite durability. Cleaning brushes can also be attached at the exit point for cleaning blocked pipes.

Automatic couplings are also available for connecting two COBRAs being used in opposite directions. The two couplings meet in the pipe and automatically connect the two rods.

COBRA fibre glass rodding systems are available in ranges from 20 meters in length x 4mm in diameter up to 400 meters in length x 15mm in diameter. The most popular sizes, which we carry on stock are as follows:

Length: 60m Diameter: 6mm
Length: 60m Diameter: 9mm
Length: 120m Diameter: 9mm
Length: 120m Diameter: 11mm
Length: 150m Diameter: 11mm
Length: 200m Diameter: 11mm
Length: 300m Diameter: 11mm
Other sizes available on request

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