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Pipe Trailer / Coil Trailer

TT-UK suppliers of GRUNDOWINCH, have added a universal PE Coil Pipe Trailer to their extensive range of Trenchless Technology products. With this strong and highly manoeuvrable pipe trailer, PE pipe coils with pipe diameters of 180mm SDR11 with a lengths of 100m, can be safely transported and uncoiled. If smaller diameter PE pipe coils are used i.e. 63mm to 125mm, longer lengths or even two coils can be transported at the same time.

The rear loading of the PE pipe coil is carried out by using a small forklift truck wheel-loader or excavator with the correct lifting and handling capabilities. The pipe coil needs to be lifted to a height of approx. 1m, so that the BRVT 09 can be moved backwards to enable the pipe coil to be easily loaded.

After lowering down the pipe coil on the two adjustable support rollers, it needs to be engaged and secured. A clamp has to be fixed at the start of the pipe to enable it to be pulled into the roller cage and for guiding it below the pipe trailer axle to the rear. The inner end of the coil is secured with a rotating ratchet chain tensioner.

The pipe coil is able to run freely during the uncoiling process; a smooth controlled uncoiling is assured. The pipe trailer is equipped with a single axle chassis and fixed height tow bar, eye coupling, over-run brake system and a manual handbrake. Excellent stability when towing is guaranteed.

The pipe trailer is equipped with the necessary lighting and braking system according to EC regulations and the rear lights are protected against damage. The pipe trailer is supplied fully galvanised for long life and durability and the certification for road worthiness is endorsed according to EC Regulations.

Movable safety ladders and a non-slip walking platform are situated on each side of the pipe trailer. The coil trailer has four prop legs at its extreme corners and a further two hooks at the front to assist with off road secure anchoring of the pipe trailer.

After replacing the fixing clamp with a PE towing eye at the leading edge of the pipe, it can be pulled through the guiding rollers at the front of the pipe trailer, down under the axle.  Holders for the guiding rollers are fixed in both sections in the front of the coil trailer; the rollers can be fixed at the right or the left side. An operator safety harness as well as a hard PVC tool box and wheel chocks is included in the pipe trailer package.

Pipe Trailer Features

  • Maximum capacity of 180mm diameter pipe x 100m plus
  • Inner end of pipe coil fixed via a chain tensioner
  • Eliminates hazardous intermediate band cutting
  • Free and smooth uncoiling process due to adjustable mounted rollers
  • Strong lightweight, single axle chassis for easy towing and effortless site positioning of trailer
  • Four corner prop-legs ensuring stable secure anchorage during operation
  • Trailer with overrun and hand braking and necessary lighting –meeting all EC regulations
  • Excellent stability and a high level of driving, towing comfort
  • Fully galvanised
  • Fixed Rigid (PVC) toolbox and wheel chocks included
  • Auxiliary anchor points –when prime mover unavailable
  • Adjustable Re-Rounder
  • Full safety arrest harness ensures added personal health and safety

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