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Software for planning and documenting horizontal directional bores for safe and efficient trenchless pipe installation


Taking all important factors into consideration when carrying out comprehensive planning of bore paths and being able to determine the ideal line for the bore path immediately, all has to be carried out quickly.


TRACTO-TECHNIK has developed software for planning horizontal bores with drilling fluid, which simplifies the planning process immensely. Project data is determined with the GRUNDO-BORE-PLANNER and made available in many ways: in graphical form as a bore path recommendation, as preparation for the calculation and as documentation with many additional details regarding the pipe bore path.




Now you can easily plan complex
bore paths......


...with intuitive graphics
on your PC


The planning phase sets the course


Proper planning is essential to every horizontal bore, precision and good preparation in the planning phase pays off later when carrying out the project as precise, structured and exact plans are now expected as a matter of course. The GRUNDO-BORE-PLANNER is therefore an ideal supporting means. Step by step the GRUNDO-BORE-PLANNER software questions: project data, the bore unit including all equipment, data regarding product pipe and  its characteristics, surface details, terrain markings, connection points and obstacles. The input menus have been designed to be user-friendly. A data base link is provided which gives an easy and quick choice of input data. By using the correct parameters it is possible to avoid planning errors at an early stage, the real bore path planning is then carried out in the background. A bore path course recommendation is determined via automatic links and calculations and all sizes, which have to be taken into consideration, such as bending radius, minimal cover or safety distances to adjacent lines are included. The planning data is available after the shortest possible time.


The result is clear


The project data is now stored centrally and can be called off in different variations. As a graphic, (targeted bore path shown in upper and side view) or as a bore plan with all technical and safety relevant information, for the bore crew to use on site. The software also calculates certain capacity details for the jobsite and supplies output data for the chronological and economical calculation for the bore project.

The time and money saved during a bore path planning phase that is supported by software is quickly realised when carrying out the horizontal bore. No time is lost - searching for plans and separate pieces of information and no corrections or amendments to plans are made at the last minute. The GRUNDO-BORE-PLANNER holds all of the input information, which is required on site. Easy to understand, simple to interpret and standardised internal information is clear as the bore crew receives exact data for the recommended bore course, with extra information including possible details about inclination angles of each single drill rod. Furthermore, the planning data is laid out, so that material and product pipes are not overstressed. The best prerequisite, for a safe and efficient pipe installation.


 High Quality Documentation


With GRUNDO-BORE-PLANNER the project specific sequences are added automatically at a uniformed level of quality within the company. Increased planning security, structured documentation and information as well as the prevention of fault sources all help to improve effectiveness and quality. GRUNDO-BORE-PLANNER is a valuable assistant. The target data determined in the planning phase can be put into the system together with available actual data (real data from bore protocols, measuring data) and aligned together. These are available centrally and can be used when processed as project documentation for internal purposes such as producing the documentation folder for the client, and maintaining high quality standards.


Software for planning and documentation of horizontal directional bores:


  • Automatic calculation of bore path recommendations considering project data (e.g. pipe characteristics, bore rig data, terrain details, obstacles, targeted points of the bore path)
  • Data base link via SQL
  • Intuitive graphical user surface and operation
  • Input assistant with progress details
  • Automatic calculation of the required drilling fluid quantity
  • Links to basic map of planning project country
  • Zoom function for better orientation
  • Documentation after adjustment of target data
  • Multi-lingual
  • Link to external data bases for surface data input and illustration
    Operating system: Windows


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