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The GRUNDOBURST1900G develops a maximum pulling force of 1900 kN (190 t). This enables old pipes from ND 250 to ND 800 to be renewed over a maximum 300 m length, depending on the method. The bursting rod is 2,25 m long and weighs 165 kg and has a permissible bending radius of only 55 m..

Rod box 1900G for bursting rods 120 mm in diameter, effective length 2.250 mm, contents 15 rods
operated with hydraulic power unit TT B110.

GRUNDOBURST 1900 with safety hoop.

Technical data 1900G  
Bursting rig dimensions LxWxH [mm]: 2850 x 1150 x 1000
Weight bursting rig [kg]: 3320
Thrust force at 200 bar[kN]: 716
Pulling force at 250 bar (kN) bar [kN]: 1900
Construction pit size LxW [mm]: 8000 x 1600
Axis height [mm]: 400
Recommended hydraulic unit: TT B110 or TT B250
Driving capacity [kW]: 55,5 at 2800 rpm.
Hydr. operating pressure [bar]: 250
Old pipe Ø: ND 250 - ND 800
for pipe materials: Stoneware, Concrete, PVC, PE, Grey / Ductile Cast Iron, AC, GRP, Steel /td>
New pipe Ø:td> bis DA 900
for pipe materials: PE, PP, Stoneware, Ductile Cast Iron,, GRP, Steel
Bursting rod Ø: [mm]: 120
Bursting rod weight:[kg]: 165
Bursting rod effective length [mm]: 2250

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