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GRUNDOPIT K is a steerable bore rig for the trenchless installation of gas and water house connections up to OD 63 mm. The bore is carried out from out of a round keyhole of only 60 cm diameter. The spoil is removed from the keyhole by a suction excavator which provides access to the mains pipe, then GRUNDOPIT K can be set up. The bore head and the drill rods are transported to the bore rig via a ‘lift’, automatically placed in bore direction and screwed together and drilled in one after the other.

View into the keyhole. GRUNDOPIT K is operated above ground. Connection to the mains  pipe above ground using special tools.

The pilot bore (up to 25 m length) can be upsized in reverse mode to a maximum diameter of 90 mm. The product protection pipe is pulled in simultaneously and connected to the mains pipe by working above ground. The original asphalt core is then reinstated in to the keyhole afterwards and sealed with a special grout mixture. This means that additional re-instatement costs and possible consequential surface damages are avoided. 

  • Working space diameter = 60 cm
  • Operation and connection above ground
  • Safer spoil removal with suction excavator
  • Detectable and steerable bore head
  • Drill rod length 230 mm
  • Bore length up to25 m
  • Max. upsizing diameter = 90 mm
  • Thrust and pull back = 40 kN
  • Torque = 850 Nm / 60 rpm
Detailed information for download:

Brochure GRUNDOPIT k
Keyhole technology for trenchless service connections

Presentation by EON
Trenchless service connections for existing building stock

Paper by EON
Trenchless service connection technology for existing buildings

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