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GRUNDOROCK 375-6.5 - New mud motor with rock drilling unit for standard drilling rigs

In order to expand the application range of their NODIG systems and make using them even more profitable, TRACTO-TECHNIK is continuously advancing the technology. That way, numerous innovations trenchless pipeline construction have been developed for. A clever new development for Horizontal Directional Drilling is a mud motor with attached rock drilling unit GRUNDOROCK375-6.5, which makes it possible to bore through solid rock using standard HDD systems.

The GRUNDOROCK375-6.5 can be used with the GRUNDODRILL models 20S, 25N and 28Nplus without retrofitting or conver-sion. It is driven by the drilling fluid and controlled via the drill rods. Compared to conventional mud motors, the newly deve-loped combination of mud motor and rock drilling unit offers significant improvements:
  • The bore head can be located much more precisely because the sonde housing with built-in transmitter is only 0.9 m behind the bore head. This enables the operator to react precisely to required changes in direction.
  • Smaller upsizing steps are not necessary because the 6" Hole Opener can be used directly after the pilot bore due to the cutting diameter of the rock bore heads of 6.5" (165 mm).
  • The GRUNDOROCK375-6.5 has a torque increased by 60 % and performs successfully even under the most difficult conditions.
The GRUNDOROCK375-6.5 is suit-able for long bores through solid rock up to > 300m length, which can be upsized up to 20" (508 mm) using the available hole openers.

Our sales staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding technology and availability.

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