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HDD Assist & Rescue

When problems arise on an HDD project you need to act quickly to avoid costly down time. Pipe ramming offers proven solutions for tough drilling problems. The unrivalled percussive power of the GRUNDORAM pipe rammer can help free jammed pipes and drill rods, overcome hydro lock, remove product pipes that are stuck and more. Make sure you have a GRUNDORAM on site during your next HDD project and ensure a trouble free pipe installation.

Conductor Barrel: Installation of casing pipes for HDD crossings

The concept behind the Conductor Barrel is creating a clear pathway through poor soil conditions so that drilling can begin in more favourable soil conditions. The success of a drilling operation can often be determined right from the outset; loose, unsupported soils are prime candidates for this method. During the Conductor Barrel process, casings are rammed into the ground at a predetermined angle, until desirable soil conditions are encountered. The spoil is removed from the casing prior to the drilling operation. Drilling starts within the casing the conductor barrel can also serve as a friction-free section during the pullback operation or prevent situations in unstable soils acting in a similar way to containment cells.

Pullback Assist (Support for pulling in steel pipes)

The pullback assist technique incorporates the use of both a pipe rammer and an HDD rig working in tandem to get a problematic product pipe installed. When drilling underwater or in loose water bearing soil conditions, hydro lock can occur. This happens when the external pressure being put on the product pipe from ground water pressure, drilling fluid pressure and/or soil conditions exceeds the drill rig’s pullback capacity, or the product pipe’s tensile strength. The percussive action of a pipe rammer in this situation is used to help free the jammed pipe.

Drill Rod Recovery: Loosening of jammed HDD drill rods

The principal is the same during drill rod recovery as it is during bore salvage, however, there are two possible tooling configurations. Depending on the situation, contractors can remove the drill rod from the ground or, if the rod is still attached to the drill rig, push on the rod while the drill rig pulls back.

Bore Salvage: Rescuing / Removing jammed product pipes


This simple yet highly effective technique is used to remove jammed product pipes. During the bore salvage operation the GRUNDORAM  pipe rammer is attached to the end of the partially installed product pipe. The pipe rammer is attached to the product pipe so that it pulls the pipe from the ground. This can be accomplished through a fabricated connection sleeve. A winch or some form of pulling device is used to assist the rammer during operation. In many cases, the percussive power of the pipe rammer is enough to free the jammed product pipe and allow it to be removed from the ground.

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