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Cut, Core Suck and Repair - Working with National Grid

The Dilemma

  • Gas network repairs took too long
  • Too much disruption to traffic flow and the public
  • Numerous vehicles and machinery are required for completion of daily works
  • High number of operatives required to operate all machinery
  • Open trenches were dangerous to both the workforce and the public
  • Square construction pits are considered too expensive and not cost effective


The challenge

  •   To save both time and money and improve Health & Safety
  •   To carry out these works via a ‘keyhole’ in the road or pavement, as  opposed to an open trench 
  •   To create a complete cost effective , workable solution in one combined vehicle
  •   To complete repairs in less time with less disruption to traffic flow and the  public

The Solution

  • TT-UK worked in close collaboration with National Grid and Hitachi Capital Solutions to design, build and rigorously trial the new vehicle  - Core and Suc
  • Resulting in a fully integrated  vehicle consisting of a Suction Excavator and a TT Coring unit has assisted in cutting, repair and re-instatement times from 5 days to as little as 4 to 5 hours
  • Faster process resulting in cheaper operation and re-instatement costs


The Result

A fully combined vehicle which can cut and open the ground via a keyhole, suck out the spoil and store in an on board container, make the repair, backfill the hole, compact the soil and re-instate leaving a round excavation which is less likely to develop stress fractures.



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