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Installation of protection pipes

Dynamic steel pipe ramming beneath traffic routes


Dynamic ramming of steel protection pipes underneath railways, roads, motorways and rivers up to 80 m length without jacking abutments: Application: installation of gas, water and sewage pipelines, pulling-in of power, telecommunication and control cables.



Steel pipe ramming beneath railway embankments


Steel pipe ramming underneath railway lines. "From a constructional point of view, the German Bahn AG prefers cased-in methods, e. g. the ramming technique, opposed to uncased methods." (Source: BahnPraxis E 1/99)



Steel pipe ramming beneath lakes and rivers


Steel pipe ramming underneath brooks, lakes and rivers, no danger of ground water pentration



Steel pipe ramming beneath buildings


Steel pipe ramming underneath buildings, e. g. to shorten the bore path when lines are diverted. Average installation speed 10 m/h.



Steel pipe ramming beneath airfields



Steel pipe ramming for conservation purposes


Establishing of passages for wildlife and fish farming suppliers


 Steel pipe ramming for embankment slope support

Example: for drainage routes to prevent slopes from sliding/subsiding to avoid mudflow on mountains and embankments.

  1. Ramming of a slotted steel pipe with GRUNDORAM up to the stratum
  2. Penetration of the stratum by means of a mud motor connected to a GRUNDODRILL HDD system.
  3. Drainage through rock bore and slotted steel pipe

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