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Property service connections

For the installation and renewal of property service connections using trenchless methods, TRACTO-TECHNIK/TT-UK offer practical and approved techniques and methods. Property owners or occupiers of buildings and estates no longer need to worry about front gardens, paths and drive ways being torn open and in need of subsequent restoration. In addition, almost in every case, the application of trenchless technologies also benefits from economic advantages Installations using traditional open cut methods require two or three times the extra costs for the reinstatement and restoration of damaged ground surfaces. For some time, the trenchless installation or replacement of transmission and property service lines has been the best technology available.

These techniques and methods were perfected to be used for installing property service connections, based on the standard machine, the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer. Meanwhile all categories, from sewerage connections to FTTX links, can be installed without trenches or can be rehabilitated by means of renewal by pipe bursting or pipe cracking. Gas and waterproof wall ducts allow trenchless installation from the building, therefore an additional assembly pit in front of the outer wall is not needed. The available techniques and methods are suitable for:
  1. New installation of gas and water lines, usually by way of subsequent installation in already developed areas
  2. Rehabilitation of supply lines (gas, potable water) in already existing paths, for example the replacement of lead pipes
  3. Underground cabling of power supply lines; at present, 25 % of all connections are still established via over head cabling
  4. FTTX links from the basement of a building to the connection point or vice versa
  5. Trenchless connection of geothermal heat loops installed close to the surface with the heat pump situated inside the building
  6. Renewal of property wastewater sewer connections if they are no longer water tight, according to statutory specifications (WHG,LWG or local waste water statutes)
Property service connections - link up with intelligent network infrastructures. Smart grids and already available or prospective e-applications for telecommuting jobs, e-learning, e-health, e-government or e-home all pass through them. New eco-friendly processes and behaviour will continue to evolve in the professional, business and private domain and the reduction of emissions will maintain positive effects on the environment and nature as a result. 
TRACTO TECHNIK continue to make a valuable contribution towards this goal with Trenchless Technologies.

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