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Trenchless Technology Energy & Utility Skills (EUS) Accredited


TT UK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trenchless technology equipment and forms part of the German based company TRACTO-TECHNIK.


We are committed to offering a high quality level of training, assessment and service in Trenchless Technology, to the Utilities Industries, other sectors of British Industry and overseas clients. This service forms an important part of the Company's business strategy.


TT UK can offer high quality training in:

  1. Impact Moling
  2. Horizontal Directional Drilling
  3. Pipe Bursting
  4. Grundowinch cable winches
  5. Air Powered Ground Invasive Tooling Operator Training
  6. GRD (Geothermal Radial Drilling)

EU Skills  

EU Skills is the Sector Skills Council for the gas, power, waste management and water industries, licensed by Government and working under the guidance of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.  

The purpose is to ensure that these industries have the skills they need now and in the future.

Training and assessment venues
To provide the maximum flexibility to clients TT UK offer training and assessment services at a choice of venue:

  • TT-UK’s purpose built, all weather approved training and assessment centre, Bedford UK
  • At the Client’s own premises
  • On site


1. Impact Moling
Operational skills and knowledge required for the installation of utilities apparatus using impact moling equipment.

The course will cover:

  • Location of underground apparatus and utilities
  • Use of air supplies
  • Operational principles of impact moling equipment
  • Inspection and maintenance of equipment
  • Use of lubricants
  • Functional controls and operation
  • Using Safety Cradles
  • Optical alignment equipment
  • Decommissioned equipment
  • Health and safety procedures
2. Horizontal Directional Drilling
Operational skills and knowledge required for the installation of utilities apparatus using horizontal directional drilling equipment.

The course will cover:

  • Location of underground apparatus and utilities
  • Preparation of drill path profile
  • Operational principles of drilling equipment
  • Setting up of drilling equipment
  • Functional controls and operation
  • Pilot bore drilling
  • Pipe installation
  • Drilling fluids
  • Surface tracking
  • Decommissioned equipment
  • Health and safety procedures


3. Pipe Bursting
Operational skills and knowledge required for the replacement of utilities pipelines using pipe bursting equipment.

The course will cover:

  • Location of underground apparatus and utilities
  • Site preparations
  • Operational principles of pipe bursting equipment
  • Preparation and setting up of equipment
  • Operation of equipment
  • Pipe installation
  • Routine maintenance and decommissioning of equipment
  • Health and safety procedures

4. GRUNDOWINCH Operator Training

This training can be carried out either at TT-UK’s training facilities in Bedford or at the client’s own premises using a Grundowinch. The first part of the training will be theoretical and the second part will be practical, where each of the operatives/candidates will carry out in turn the operational part of the training on a Grundowinch. This will enable us to ascertain the operator’s knowledge while operating the Grundowinch. At the end of the training and after completion of a short questionnaire, successful candidates will be issued with a pass certificate, which will be valid for three years. 

The course will cover:

  • Welfare/Site Health and Safety etc
  • Operating Controls Instruction & Safety Briefing
  • Correct Operation of Grundowinch
  • Correct Set Up and Utilisation of Data logger and Printer
  • Correct decommissioning Procedure of Winch
  • Basic Winch Operator Maintenance

5. Air Powered Ground Invasive Tooling Operator Training

This half day training course consists of Theoretical and practical sessions for a maximum of eight candidates per course.  The Aims and objectives for this specific operator training course is to provide trainees with the skills and knowledge to operate Air Powered Ground Engaging Tooling safely and correctly and can be delivered either at TT-UK’s training facilities or at the client's own venues.

The course will cover:

  • Purpose of using Air Powered Ground Engaging Tooling Site Survey
  • Safe & correct utilisation including safety consideration when used in conjunction with other equipment i.e. Suction Excavators.
  • Checks to make before use
  • Safe method of work
Site Based
  • Practical demonstration by instructor
  • Practical hands-on exercise for operators
  • Basic maintenance on what to look out for with reference to leaks and loss of air pressure when using Air Powered Ground Tooling

6. GRD (Geothermal Radial Drilling)

We offer a completely comprehensive five day training schedule initially carried out at our training facilities before completing an onsite practical assessments.

The course will cover:

  • Health & Safety procedures
  • Assembling and maintenance procedures
  • Tooling selection and the correct usage
  • Operational Procedures
  • Pipe selection and Installation
  • Grouting procedures
  • The use of the Brine Pump
  • Pressure Test
  • Bore hole cuttings and Exhaust System
  • Compressed Air Drilling System
  • Drilling combined with water Flushing
  • Site survey /planning & proposed heat well design within property boundaries
Site Based
  • Practical demonstration and overview
  • Practical assessments

For further information, advice and prices of training and/or assessments please contact:

Gary Preston
Training Manager
TT UK Limited
10 - 10a Windsor Road
MK42 9SU
Telephone: 01234 342566
Mobile: 07584 310761

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